Water Analysis

Efficient chemistry for recreational waters is our passion!

A correct water sample for correct analysis

To perform a correct analysis of the water sample, the sample must:

  • Be min. 200 ml
  • Be max. one hour old
  • Kept during that hour @ max 20°C
  • Transported in a clean glass or plastic bottle (e.g. not in soda bottle)

Any other conditions in which the sample is delivered will give a biased picture (e.g., residual soda will strongly influence the pH, for example).

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What analyses can you contact us for?

We analyze for all parameters and constituents that affect the purity of recreational water:

  • pH,
  • free, bound and total chlorine content,
  • Lime,
  • Alkalinity,
  • Iron,
  • ...

After a thorough analysis, we will give you expert advice on further actions to take.

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